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You've downloaded several locomotives and cars. Now, how in the world do you set them up so they will work in MSTS? Good Question.  Follow the steps below and soon you will be able to use them in MSTS.

1. Unzip the files included in the ZIP file to your  /Trains/Trainset   folder (My complete folder location is  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET")
2. Copy the needed files from other folders (Example: Copy the sound and cabview files from the GP38 folder to the WC SD45 7525 folder)
3. Create a consist (Look below)
4. Enjoy!

Creating a consist:

1. Open up Train Simulator Editors and Tools (its in the same folder in the start menu as Microsoft Train Simulator itself.)
2. Choose activity editor
3. Select File, New
4. the "Select a route" window will appear. just click "OK" (it doesnt matter what route you select you will be able to use the consist in any route)
5. the "Activity display name" window will appear, click "OK" again
6. on the right side of the activity editor you will see an area titled "player"
7. in this area there is a drop-down window named "player service", below it there is a button "New", click it
8. "Service editor" window will appear, under "Consist", there is a drop-down window and below that is "New" click it
9. "Consist ediot" window will appear
10. Select the type of car/locomotive you want, it will appear in a little preview window, click on the preview window and drag it to the blue window at the bottom. Do this as many times as you need to make the consist you want.
11. Type in a file name and consist name.
12. Save & Exit.

At this time the consist you have created should be usable on any route in the "Explore Route" activity.

Still not working? Email me at and I will attempt to explain this more to you or answer your questions.

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